Embracing illness

I have been sick with the flu for some time now but will soon be well again. I decided to take this period of illness as a chance to explore the subject and here follows my thoughts.

It’s not a failure or sign of weakness that I got sick. In fact there is nothing bad about it at all. Sure, it’s more fun to be out in the world doing stuff but it has been quite nice to be home just relaxing. I am actually glad that my body is dynamic enough to respond to the imbalance and taking action in correcting it.

A disease is not something to fight against. It’s not a war to be won or something to surpress and pretend it’s not there. Accepting it’s presence fully brings relaxation which is a major tool for recovery. Acceptance does not mean surrendering and doing nothing. Acceptance prevents needless suffering.

Letting everything be ok as it is releases attachment to any imagined outcome I may want. This provides the foundation for a relaxed but still goal-oriented mindset in all aspects of life, without the unnecessary suffering for what may or may not happen.

With all of this in mind I have tried to let things run it’s course but also provide my body with tools for recovery. I have tried to see if I do things in order to fight against my flu or just to assist my body in doing it’s thing. Mostly I think I have succeeded in assisting and not fighting, and trying not to go overboard with the assisting so that it turns into fighting.

My toolbox have been a little extra energy arts (qigong, tai chi, meditation and seitai). Nice teas, mushrooms, herbs and vitamin c rich foods. Relaxation to the point that my body hurts from lying in the couch too much :).

I realize there are many serious illnesses and diseases that affect peoples lives in hard ways. I respect that and understand how it can impact someones life. But with all of my thoughts in mind, I want to leave you with a question.

What’s so bad about getting sick anyway?


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