First look at Seitai

On my journey to deepen my Jedi skills I have encountered a Japanese healing art called Seitai. From the very beginning I have felt that there is something very interresting here to discover and learn. Here follows my first impressions as a beginner.

I have come in contact with two parts of Seitai so far, treatments and self-healing exercises. A core value in Seitai is that the body has an innate ability to self-heal and this can be awakened by treatments and exercises. My main experience so far is from the exercises so I will focus on that.

The exercises have something very fundamental and powerful about them. They connect at a core level. I practice other arts like tai chi and qigong and Seitai fits very well into that picture. There is something familiar about how it feels when I do the exercises. The flow of Qi, connections within to name a few. I like the exercises because they are fairly simple to learn yet very powerful.

There is great emphasis on each persons individuality and no one right way to do an exercise. There are some basic instructions but it is up to the individual to do it in a personal way according to ones body, abilities and limitations. It is a self-learning art where you discover for yourself what’s going on and what you need.

In Seitai the power of good health can come into your own hands. Our bodies knows what to do and if the conditions are right it can do it. We can be the shepherds of our own health.

This is very exciting and a life long path of discovery lies before me. I wish to express my deepest gratitude to my teacher who shares his wisdom and experience with an open heart. Such opportunities are rare in life and I will take care of it with the best of my abilities.


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